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Virtual Worlds Design 

We use the latest Computer-Aided Design technology to create three-dimensional life-like images of the clients desired space. Using this helps our clients achieve their desired vision by utilising a visual version of their planned space.


These images are helpful to ensure we find the perfect products to match the clients space and assists in mapping out the best use of space especially if the configuration drastically changes and works particularly well when designing a space that is yet to be built from architects plans.


We do make a modest charge for our design services which reflects the time and expertise of our designer however Fulham Bathrooms will refund the design against an order for the designed bathroom.

Please email our showroom to discuss for any enquiries or project requirements


This fee is refundable if Fulham Bathrooms supply your bathroom.



3D Colour Perspectives to Scale

Comprehensive Specification


Design Fee 












4(or more)











 Design Services

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